Our daily events or occurrences happen on schedule whether we have planned them or not. They just happen even when we are not ready for them! Who is the one who prescribes and plans all these schedules for us? I often ponder and wonder. Without consulting us or getting our approval that someone has the audacity to force upon us to accept and perform as expected!

A friend of mine says that it is Destiny that prescribes and predestines the world’s events. Another says that it is God. Whoever he or she is, he must be very nosey and loves to interfere in the affairs of Mankind and the world at large!

Ah, it seems there are various laws in Predestination. These laws are very strict and cannot be tampered with! Even the person who organizes our activities has to abide by them.

I just wonder and wish to make friends with this Organizer so that I could have a better deal as I am at his mercy, wouldn’t you? Just wonder if he accepts bribes. If he does accept bribes, I will definitely lose out because the wealthier ones will have all the better deals. I don’t think he would accept bribes. What can we give to someone who has all the power over our lives? The answer will be: A STRONGER WILL TO PERFORM BETTER EACH TIME AND NEVER GIVE IN TO OUR ADVERSITY!


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