Man is a very complex creature – difficult to predict his thoughts, dissatisfied with what he has and oh, always eyeing and yearning the things others have!

Why is our nature so complex? Even, we ourselves, do not understand ourselves at times! Some of my religious friends blame it on the serpent. Because of the fall of Adam, human beings become dissatisfied with things they own or have – always wanting more! The more down-to-earth friends believe that it is in our DNA. We inherit the genes from the cave-dwellers to the modern men! Only an insane man will be contented and find fulfillment because he does not have the capacity to think and plan! Well, is it good or bad when we are discontented?

I think we should thank God for being discontented. When we are discontented, we will find ways and means to improve ourselves. If the cave-dwellers were contented with their lives, then we would not be where we are today. If scientists and inventors were contented with what they had, there would not be any new inventions or discoveries!
In short, discontentment leads us progressively forward – making life more and more comfortable!

Of course, to the religious-minded friends, discontentment can be a sin! Discontentment leads to sin! When we cannot possess the things we desire, we may rob, kill, cheat or steal! That will be terrible!

So, is contentment good or bad? Shall we take the middle-path? Be contented when we cannot have the things that we desire because they are beyond our reach! But we must never be contented with our progress in life. Always strive to be a better person!

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