There is 60% true that we are what we eat. A glutton can be as fat and plump as a pig, while Twiggy can be as thin as a rake!

This morning, I met an elderly lady who was very fond of boasting about how she took care of what she ate and how hygienic she was and that were the reasons for her to live up to 86 years.

“You must be a nurse!” I told her. She was taken aback. “How do you know?” she asked. “By the way you speak and by your mannerism!” “Oh……!” she knew what I was trying to imply!

Can we prolong our life? Can we add years to our age by taking care of what we eat or drink? Only to a certain extend. No one can stop us growing old, sick and die. There is no secret about it!

We should not boast when we live longer than others. It is not because of our strict adherence to what we eat or drink or how we exercise and take care of ourselves. It is through the grace of God that we are blessed with long life. Does long life always be a blessing? The answer is obvious. I have written a poem on the subject and if you are interested you can find it in the archive.

A long but healthy life is a blessing from God – be it predestination! If we have long life but full of sickness with aches and pains daily, it is better to die when we are healthy. Long life poses problems to those whom we are depended upon. Do not add to their already heavy burden. The earlier we vacate when we are still able to move around and take care of ourselves the better.

So, when we are blessed with long life, do not boast. It is through the grace of God not by our works!


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