Do we believe that nothing in this life is free? If it is a gift given by a good friend without any strings attached, then it is genuinely free indeed. Otherwise, every thing in life costs money!

“Buy two and get one free” says the advertisement. The gullible will think that it is a bargain and falls for it. For all we know, the seller has added or raised the price of the item slightly when we buy one, so that actually he is charging us for three. He may make less profit but he is definitely not giving it to us as “free” in that sense!

Would sellers give things away for free? There must be a catch somewhere! Look out for this kind of snare. They suck our blood without us knowing or feeling it!

That is why many con men and women use these trick to entice their victims especially the simpletons and gullible ones. Don’t fall into their snares!


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