Marriage is a very important and crucial decision in our lives. Yet many young men and ladies do not think deeply and wisely before they take the plunge! They just care for the now and then because they are deeply in love at the moment. To the young minds love can conquer many things or difficulties. And they are dead wrong!

Do not be unequally yoked, lest we will regret it throughout our life time! Someone may say, “Uncle, you are too old fashion! Nowadays, we get married easily and we also divorced easily when we are at logger-heads. That is the new-age philosophy! What is wrong with divorce?”

Perhaps this young man needs more time to grow and mature! He is living in a world of his dreams and has not experienced the harsh side of life. Or perhaps he is born lucky that he does not need to suffer any hardship or heart-breaks. He is destined to be happy in this life and everything is rosy and blooming for him!

Ah, to each his own medicine. The choice is ours to make. If we suffer because of our wrong decision, to whom can we blame? WE JUST SUFFER BY OUR OWN CHOICE!


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