There must be some sort of decency when we post something in the social media. Since we are civilized inhabitants of this planet, let us show some courtesy and respect for each other and one another!

Bloggers or writers should try to refrain from using such words: especially words of hatred and bad language. Some may argue that the actors and actresses use such words in movies and at times in their real personal lives! Perhaps I am too sensitive……

Others may argue that we can read these words in novels, so why can’t we use them? Authors make use of these words spoken by base characters in the story. Should we emulate these characters?

Does the usage of bad words or language denotes that we are superior than others? The answer is a capital “NO”! It just reveals how crude or uncouth we are! It simply means that we lack language skills and vocabulary.

Alas, it takes all sorts of people to make the world go round. We cannot stop people from using bad words or language in whatever form but at least let us try to minimize them!


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