In this mundane life, the everyday events seem routine and uninteresting. How to write new stories every day?

Why do we love to read something new daily? We need fresh food and water for our body physically daily. Likewise we must nurture our minds with fresh new thoughts and ideas.

Just look at the newspapers! Fresh news every day. The occurrence of events in any country is like a diary of events: murder, robbery, killings, road accidents..etc. Yet we read them because it happens to someone – a new person.

Why do many people watch each episode of a serial. The events are new in each episode. But if we watch the Taiwanese serial in Chinese, the producers can drag on and on over a certain plot by introducing new characters. The story is never ending – just like daily living!

Alas, is our life the same as the dramas that unfold in these episodes? The answer is ‘YES’! Only we do not see ourselves performing in the drama of life. But are we able to put them onto paper? If we can, we will be a famous writer!

But, I am not…… I just write what I feel like writing for the day at that very moment. Yes, sometimes the theme or thoughts and ideas are almost the same, but it is served differently. So bear with me if I do repeat these thoughts and ideas. I write to please myself because I want to share these thoughts and ideas with others.

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