Making speeches, writing prose or poetry and telling stories are not easy tasks. Even preaching from the pulpit is difficult. How ORIGINAL are our ideas? Many a time, we might say or write something which another person had said before or sometime ago. This should be forgiven because ideas do not belong to us. The truth belongs to everybody! But to use chunks and chunks of words or paragraphs of another person is illegal. We must use them in quotes – inverted commas! Or just acknowledge where the source come from.

Is plagiarism totally wrong or incorrect? The answer is very obvious! It seems very interesting that many preachers preaching at the pulpit has the same theme and content, but they express it using their own words. They do not copy in wholesale! Hats off to them!

What about in fashion – men’s and ladies’ apparel? Once a new design is catching up, we will find that there will be lots of imitations – be they shoes, clothing, hairstyle, make-up…..etc. Imitation is a kind of flattery!

Can we stop people from imitating us and produce fake or counterfeit products? Though there are laws to safe-guard the trade marks and quality of products, there are ways and means to circumvent such laws. Hence, it is very difficult to administer the law and that is why the world is full of imitators!

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