I have another pleasant surprise this morning when I read my email. I have another follower who likes my post. Thank you to that someone and all those who are following me. I hope I would not disappoint any of them!

In this information age, we are confronted with a great variety and diversity of information which we will not be able to read all of them! So what must we do? We have to decide what to read and what not to read. So, it is a great feeling when someone likes your post. Thank you, once again!

Many people in Twitter play the “Following” game! You follow me and many others while I follow you and others too.
Over the years, we can garner thousands of followers. What do we do then? Sell advertisements to them?

I have made a few friends when we follow one another’s posts. These friends do write to me once in a while and comment on what I have written. We share ideas and thoughts though we are thousand miles apart. I have not seen any of them in person but in my mind, they are just wonderful people!

Do be careful when we follow someone. When a blind leads a blind, both will fall into the pit. Do not allow another to lead you through your nose and eyes (and mouth, perhaps) who may turn out to be the devil himself!


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