It is interesting when two people argue on this topic: Which comes first – Faith or Trust?

What do you think? Should Trust come before Faith or Faith before Trust?

The argument will end in a deadlock! Both exist and are almost identical. It is difficult to differentiate between Faith and Trust. When we have Faith, we will have Trust. When we have Trust, we will have Faith.

But surely, Faith must come first : for without Faith we cannot do anything! We must have the Faith first before we can Trust. I see a small chair. I have the Faith that it will support me when I sit on it. Base on that Faith, I put my Trust and sit on it. It proves that I am right. The chair can support my weight! If I do not have the Faith that the chair will support my weight, I will never put my Trust on it and hope that it will support my weight!

Faith has a positive connotation. It is Believing in the Truth. Hence, Believing in the Truth gives us Faith and with Faith, we build up our Trust and Hope. Some readers may disagree. I will let you decide!

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