How do we know that the decision we have just made is according to the will of God? Nobody knows. Only on hindsight we may realize if it is the will of God.

Many Christians search the scriptures, pray over the matter, ask advice from godly friends and pastors…..and some even seek signs of confirmation from God before they plunge into making a difficult decision. All these actions are good for us spiritually (or psychologically). Even then, we are not sure if it is God’s will for us!

That is why many others seek fortune-tellers, consult mediums and a host of other deities for advice! I remember my mother going to the temple to pray, got a “chim” (from Cantonese for a divine lot) and interpret what is being said by the divine. She used to do that before she wanted to make a decision. After doing all those things she was supposed to do, she then had the confidence of making that important decision.

How wonderful it would be if we (like Moses) could hear the voice of God from the burning bush! When we believe in God, we follow what the scripture says and pray over the matter. Ask advice from friends or pastors if we feel comfortable. Then we make the final decision ourselves. I am very sure that even when we have made the wrong choice, God will make it right! That is the divine will of God. Predestination, perhaps! So, if you are in the midst of making an important decision, do it correctly in your own way and have faith and trust God that He will make it correct!


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