I remember that during my young school days in the fifties, I used to imitate in some way the poems which I read in books. I used to copy, edit or change the way and format that they were written. I just found back one of them. This poem brings back all the memories of my childhood days!

I have an identical twin,
Who looks just like me in form and stature;
Follows me around in broad daylight,
But hides himself in darkness from sight!
He can instantly grow,
Twice my height within a second,
Or shrink to halve my size in a wink;
He likes to imitate what I am doing,
In front or just behind me;
He can appear beside me,
Either on the left or right,
Just to irritate me in broad daylight!
I know not how to stop or get rid of him,
Whenever he is in sight!
Tell me why you are taking delight,
Following and imitating me all day long!

For those who love poetry will straightaway know that the ideas are taken from “My Shadow”. That was how I started to write in verse that very long time ago! Hope you like it!


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