I posted a poem to celebrate our 51st National Day the other day. Now I have another poem. Let me put it up before the 9th of August which is our National Day. May all Our citizens and people living in Singapore share the joy and happiness as we celebrate this day!

O Singapore, O Singapore,
Your sons and daughters we are,
Loyal and true, united we stand,
Against all foes who want to invade our land,
Not afraid of hard work,
We sweat and toil;
To stand against all odds,
Our rightful place in the sun!
The Lion will not smite or fight,
Unless its survival is at stake,
Then it will roar and show its might,
Till the adversary is vanquished!
51 years we have graced,
The calm and storms we have faced;
Let us unite and stand,
Throughout the years on this land;
Milk and honey will start to yield,
No foes can come to salvage and steal!
Our next generation will just be as robust,
Like their fore-fathers they have emulated,
A bright and shining future for our land,
A bright Crescent with Five Guiding Stars,
Our tiny Red Dot will forever stand!


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