When do we pray? Every day? When we a happy? When we are sad?…..Or when we are at our wits’ end?

When we are happy, we usually forget about God! Everything is going on smoothly. There is no hiccups. Then why should we pray! Let us enjoy the good time God has given us!

When we are sad, we mourn and sulk! We nurse our sorrows or disappoints so much that we have no time to pray. In fact we will be too discouraged to pray because we are suffering in pain and agony. We think that God has forsaken us; let alone listen to our prayers! We realize that we are far away from God…… so how can God answer our prayers!

When we are at our wits’ end, that is the time we will beg God in earnest prayer! We have tried everything we could or can but without any result. Only then we will quietly and submissively come to God to seek forgiveness and help!

Man is a funny creature, isn’t he? When all things are well, we say “why pray?” When we are disappointed or sad, we have no time to pray! When we are truly desperate in need of help, then we approach God with a contrite heart and tears and PRAY!

Now, is it the right way to treat God?

When we are happy, we ought to thank Him! When we are sad, we need to seek Him too, to find solace in His Care. He will nurse us back to health. When we are desperate in need of His Help, we seek His Grace and Guidance! Hence, we should pray daily – not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones, friends and foes too!

PRAY WITHOUT CEASING! We can find out how to pray without ceasing. When we speak to God every minute of our day, we will know Him well and we will not stray!


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