Just like the song, “Three Coins In The Fountain,” it will be interesting to see the victors and champions in The Olympic Games! If or when Cristian athletes representing their respectively countries compete with one another, who will God bless to bring glory to His Name. God must have been placed in a very difficult position! What do you think?

God is Sovereign! He knows and creates the future of every believer and of course there is predestination (if you can take it with a pinch of salt). “Oh, the loser will not be upset,” someone may say. But whatever we say, deep in our hearts, we know that is not true. Who can take defeat with a smile – if we have been training for years just for that moment of glory? “Oh, the Christian loser will be able to take it with a smile. He or she would be thinking that it is not God’s Will. The winner deserves to win perhaps because he/she has been training harder and are more blessed than the rest!”

What would happen if the winner is a non-believer? Will we see or feel that God has “lost face”? Perhaps, so. But then, what can we learn from this outcome?

I think it is prudent and wise not to bring religion into sports and games. When a person deserves to win, he will win with God’s blessing whether that person is a believer or not. Who knows the Will of God except He Himself!

In life, there are many examples of such scenarios! God will be God as He is Supreme and Sovereign. No one can alter what He has proclaimed or ordained!


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