When I was a young lad, I used to think that it would be wonderful to grow older. We would have all the freedom and would not be under our parents’ control!

When I grew older, the burden and responsibilities of youth and adulthood bogged me down. Yes, I did have the freedom and choice, but I felt the great burden of responsibilities in looking after my mother.

Then came marriage and two kids. Life was enjoyable. Family life was fun! Time went on in lightning speed.

The children got married and left to build their nests elsewhere. Back to square one!

In essence, this is life! Is it fulfilling? Have I achieved what I have set myself to achieve? The answer to all those questions is affirmative. Yet, there is still emptiness within!

This internal void is the gnawing pain that many will feel when we grow old and lonely. A cry for companionship, sharing and caring is real. To the religiously minded, this void must be filled by God. No space or place can be left void or empty, it must be filled. If we have this feeling, turn to Him. He will surely show us how to overcome this vacuum when He occupies it. He will be the centre of all our activities. Just let Him try; then we will know the difference!

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