Just the other day, both of my friends (a rich guy and a poor guy) met each other to have a cup of evening coffee to chill off the day. I happened to walked past them. They invited me to join them.

“You actually don’t need to work, my friend,” the rich guy told the poor guy. “Why not?” came the reply, “If I don’t work how, can I survive?” “Give up your smoking and drinking, then you will have lots of money!” the rich one cut him off! “Unlike you, your children are all wealthy and they can support you; whereas mine are just making ends meet. Even if I don’t drink and smoke, I still need to eat 3 meals a day. Where do I get the money?”

How true it is! In Singapore, all the elderly have to work one way or another in order to survive. Once we are awake, we need to spend money! Where on earth does money come from? Trees? Heaven? We have to earn it. Why?

Most of our kids have a family of their own. They have their own burdens. A house and a car and kids and family tie them down. Their standard of living is different from the older generation. They have to save for their own future! Ours is nearer to the grave. So we have to plod slowly. Anyway, this is the scenario of most elderly Singaporeans. We work while we can. When we can’t, we will be waiting for death to stop us from being a burden to someone else!


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