Human beings are strange creatures! We are not grateful nor satisfied with what we have. We always want more!

A wealthy man will not be satisfied with the wealth that he possesses, He wants more. When a poor man has satisfied his hunger, he thinks of better quality of food when the next meal comes along.

A gambler will never be satisfied with his winnings nor losing. When he is on a winning streak, he wants to win more. “If I can win a thousand dollars, why can’t I win five thousand more? My luck is good. I will stretch it!” he thinks to himself. In the end he loses all – even his capital of two thousand dollars.

Neither a loser will give up gambling at the table if he still has cash with him. If he has lost a thousand dollars, he will try to win back the sum that he has lost.” My luck can’t be so bad. It will bound to change!” He believes so and continues to gamble. As a result he loses another two thousand dollars!

Well, that is what happened to my friend over the weekend. He was cursing his luck this morning. “I should have stopped when I had won three thousand dollars, ” he lamented, “but I foolishly continued believing that my luck was good. In the end I even lost my capital. I wasn’t satisfied and I withdrew another two thousand dollars. I want to win back my capital! My luck is going to swing back to good!”

He is nursing his regrets! Well, a gambler will never learn his lesson. “I will win back my money the next time!” That is his resolution. How do we change a gambler? Very, very difficult indeed!

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