“Privilege” is a God-given status at birth by grace. The “Privilege” will change as one grows up! When we act irresponsibly, the “privilege” will be taken away.

What then is “Privilege”? It is ‘a benefit or an advantage one has over the others’. When we classify everyone and put each of them in a queue, the one standing in front has a better privilege than the one behind. Is the position static? The answer is negative. “Privilege” is fluid like air. It comes and goes if we do not act responsibly!

“Privilege” covers all aspects of one’s character and life! We can be born wealthy but in death we can become the poorest man when we misuse our wealth! A conscientious person will progress and gathers more privileges than his peers when he is careful and uses this privilege wisely.

“Privilege” places an individual in a unique position! Do not compare the merits or demerits of privileges. Each acts responsibly and does his best and he will be in a better position in the queue of life!


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