I am very amused by the people who just send out emails of spams to various blogs just to advertise their goods and services. Perhaps these are done by IT applications and the robots just send hundreds or thousands of these to innocent writers. Though Akismet ( has been doing a great job, I just wonder why can’t these spams be blocked out completely. People who use their websites or email addresses to send them should be black listed and whatever they send to the same address or blog be blocked off. Perhaps, the IT engineers can actually do it but they do not want to break the rice-bowls of other people. I may be wrong. It all adds up to $ and cents!

The internet is a public place for each and everyone to make money – the good, the bad and the ugly! Some people just send out hundreds of these spam emails by a press of the button. More intelligent ones can do them by remote control – automatic. It is how they earn easy money! Money coming in even when they are sleeping or playing golf!

“If you know how to do it, you will also do the same! You’ll be like them!” my good friend always tells me when I complain to him. ” They know the technology which you don’t know.”

Ah, I have to suffer in silence then! Just pray that those who have sent me these spams as comment will stop sending me from now onwards. “You are an old fool,” my friend lost his temper. “These are robots. They do not know how to read; they just obey orders and send and send and send…………!’


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