Bartering is the oldest form of trading. When A barters with B, B has something which A desires and A has something that B desires. So, they barter – simple way of exchanging things. Sometimes, when one person does not want to trade, it may end up in stealing, robbing or murder!

Nowadays, we use cash or money to exchange with things and services which we want. It is the most convenient way of trading. Better still, we are moving into a cashless society. No need to use hard cash directly – just press a button and the transaction is completed!

How wonderful it is if we can barter with God! The wealthy ones will get all that they want while the poor ones will not get a single desire fulfilled! Then money can buy anything and everything in this world! But alas, praise God! He does not barter with anyone because He has everything and all things are His! He is giving them away free of charge because of His Grace! What must we do in order to receive these gifts? Just do the accepting, thanking and obeying Him.

Aren’t we like pet dogs obeying their masters? But there is a difference. What is the difference? Read the bible and attend church if you want to find out more. Why not ask the pastors? Consult them for they know the secret!


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