It is a very perplexing question which we do not know the answer at all. To some, the answer is ‘yes’ and it generates a long lists of other questions both good and bad. If the answer is in the negative, it seems that we are hiding the truth!

Perhaps, we can say that if it is God’s will, then He will interfere. Otherwise, the affairs of Man will run as predestined! If we are to study the Bible, we will realize that God always has a hand in all the affairs and events recorded. All seems to have been preordained since the beginning of time – before creation!

To those who don’t believe in God, they will classify all these as mere rubbish. Well, I am sure and certain that God will look after those who belong to Him. According to His mercy and grace, whether we are well or suffering, He is always with us when we abide in Him! To those who do not belong to Him, they do not and will not have this experience of the nearness of God. So, it is difficult to share this experience with others!

I am not an apologist. I cannot write apologetics. But, this is the only thing I can witness and share with others. If we are suffering, be it physical, mental, emotional…. or psychological, turn to God and experience His closeness and warmth. May you find this peace!


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