Last evening, two of my friends were arguing that God actually does not give Man any choices at all in the beginning of creation!

In the Garden of Eden, God commanded Adam and Eve that they could eat any fruit from any tree but must not eat the fruit of one tree – the tree of knowledge. Why is that so? Aren’t there many choices but only one restriction! Doesn’t God want Man to be intelligent? Perhaps, God continued to say that “The day you eat this fruit, you will die!” That was the reason He gave them so that they would refrain from plucking the forbidden fruit!

Now, does Adam and Eve know the meaning of “death” at that period of time? There were much argument put forward by my two friends. “Doesn’t God know that ‘Curiosity kills the cat!’ Try to tell a child not to do a certain thing will always entice him to do it,” Loh told me.
“Why did God allow the serpent in the Garden? Surely, He would know that the serpent would be successful to tempt Eve and make her succumb to sin. And the cycle goes on endlessly to our days….”

When God has laid down some rules, we have to obey and abide by them. Aren’t we like robots?
Do we have any choice. CHOICE means Choice Has Options I Can Elect! So what choices do we have here?


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