This phrase has been used by many Christians. “We must walk by faith and not by sight,” they continue to say, “This is what Paul teaches us in the scriptures!” they quoted!

When we are walking to our destination, we must walk with our eyes open! Don’t be like a blind man carrying a lighted lantern to walk at night. “I can’t see, but I have the light with me. No one will bum into me!” he thought to himself. But unfortunately, a sighted man knocked into him head-on! “Can’t you see my lighted lantern?” the blind man asked the stranger. “Ah, don’t you know that your lantern has gone off!” shouted the stranger in the darkness!

Yes, we have to walk by faith as well as sight. By faith because we believe that we will reach our destination and by sight because we have to know if we are in the right direction! FAITH ALONE DOES NOT GUARANTEE US TO OUR DESTINATION IF WE ARE WALKING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION! When we walk by SIGHT only and DO NOT HAVE THE FAITH THAT WE WILL REACH OUR DESTINATION, why do we set out on our journey at all. FAITH ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH – FAITH MUST GO TOGETHER WITH SIGHT!


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