When the sun sets,
The moon will rise;
Giving us time to relax and heave a sigh!
When there is unhappiness or sorrow,
There will be joy in its silver lining;
Sustaining us to last till tomorrow!
Be the occasion good or bad,
Always take heed :
The best is yet to be,
While the worst is yet to come!

Live the moment as it presents,
Before it slips through our hands!
Why fritter and worry about the tomorrows,
The events of today will lead us there!
We cannot add or prevent its coming,
What must come must come!
Like the seasons of the year,
Each season has its joy and sorrows,
Each year has it laughter and tears,
Live the moment to its fullest,
In joy or sorrow as it is,
By and by its season will end;
There is always sunshine on all the tomorrows!

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