Can Man be a perfect being? The answer is a capital emphasized “NO!” What about those people who sacrifice themselves to bring comfort and help to the poor and needy? Or, the Pope himself, the rulers (kings), philosophers…..etc are they perfect beings?

No one is perfect, except God! “Ha, you are wrong – very wrong!” Mr Wong chipped in. “Even God and Satan are not perfect beings! They are the ones who create all the good and evil, laughter and tears and everything we experience in this world!”

“You’re telling us that none is PERFECT!” Mr Teo cut in. “Yes, you hear me correctly! The world is in such a mess is because of God and Satan! Both are playing a betting game. Both do not want to be a loser. So they are playing with human lives as stakes!”

“Why don’t we take sides?” John Tan suggested. “Whom would you bet on as a winner?”
“Hey, is there a betting going on? Don’t leave me out! I want to bet my last dollar today to try my luck,” said Ah Kow who just happened to walk past us.

“Whose side are you on, old man?” Mr Teo asked me straight in the face. “Leave me out of this mess!” I said. “All of you are playing with fire!” I immediately walked away……

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