What a title for an art talk for kids in the library! If we just read the title, what kind of feelings and thoughts does it evoke? Perhaps, the organizers or the speaker meant as an encouragement to do one’s best so that those who sees the art will remember the artist! I am of the opinion that it is a wrong choice of title if it is a talk to kids below the age of twelve!

Why do we want others to remember us unless we are absent physically: in separation and in death! To a young kid, he may not think much about it especially death. The thought of dying never appear or occur in young minds. Theirs is the beginning, blooming, growing slowly and take a long time to mature! Perhaps a positive choice of words for this talk is more appropriate

Well, I post my opinion not as a criticism but just information and food for thought. It is, in fact, none of my business! I have never been good at Art since young. I drew a box but my teacher saw it as a coffin! This memory has been etched in my mind till this very day! How I wish I could draw and paint…..!


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