A spider is not an insect because it has two instead of three body parts and four pairs of legs instead of three! It belongs to another group of animals which we classified as Arachnids.

Some spiders are poisonous to man. Most of the spiders are not social. They live in isolation when they become adults.

A spider has lots of perseverance when building its web even though against strong breeze over a wide area. It seldom gives up. Its determination is admirable!

Spiders are very creative. Look at their webs. They have exquisite designs: both intricate and strong. They are great creators. Their handiwork can be commonly seen inside as well as outside our homes especially in forested areas.

Spiders are also very intelligent creatures. They know the technology of building a strong foundation before they start weaving their webs. They select the best location in which to get its prey.

There are many lessons which we can learn from a spider. Spend time to examine one. How alert it is to the environment! Also learn how it leads its life and is able to survive in harsh environment. What are its ways of escape from danger? So don’t look down on that humble creature. Learn from it!

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