God has many telephones and He deals with millions of calls per minute per day! Imagine how is He answering each call – all at once simultaneously or one after the another? My imagination runs wild – seeing God having millions and millions of tentacles just to answer the calls!

When I suffer ‘ringing in my ears’, I usually go to God instantly asking Him to stop the ringing or give me the grace to bear with the irritating and annoying cacophony! It keeps me awake and interferes my hearing! All these years, it comes and it goes. Whenever I have the attack, I seek my refuge in God but God doesn’t answer my request instantly! But after days, perhaps a month or so, the ringing stops. I have to endure it for more than a month! This month-long grace is given to me otherwise I would have use something to prick and damage my eardrum or commit suicide – just to stop the ringing!

But through the experience, after many years, I find that God answers prayers faster if I ask my wife to pray for me. Together, we pray and God answers it within a day or two. This happens many times and it is not my imagination or coincidence!
This is also beyond my comprehension. Is my wife’s prayer more forceful than mine? She is closer to God than I….or God loves her more than me!

Alas, this is God’s way of answering prayers! That is the only conclusion I stumble upon………!


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