Every teacher must be a gardener at heart because he or she is attending to the young tender saplings and plants! The teacher must create the season in the classroom for the saplings under his/her care to grow strong and healthy!

The first season is Winter about to turn to Spring.
The interaction between students and teacher is one of caution. The teacher gets to know the students individually while the they study the teacher to gather information of his likes or dislikes.

Then comes Spring: the sowing of seeds. The students start to germinate as the teacher waters and attends to their needs and welfare. There maybe a little friction here and there but all is under control as each student tries to expand his/her individuality!

Time passes quickly as the students grow and mature under the careful guidance of the teacher. The Summer season is the most enjoyable season in the classroom. The relationship between the students and teacher start to jell. There is greater rapport and understanding in the classroom.

Then comes the Autumn when the teacher needs to assess the students’ learning, Every one is seriously revising. Perhaps, the teacher may have to reassure the not-so-confident students and provide extra lessons for them.

The ultimate End-of-the-Year Examination comes in late Autumn. Students and teacher may feel nostalgic knowing that parting is imminent at the end of Autumn.

The Winter sets in and the whole cycle begins once again!


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