The whole of yesterday was a frustrating day I have ever experienced. My laptop had gone cuckoo! Surfing the internet was annoying, irritating and frustrating. Until now, I really do not know what is happening. The net had gone haywire! One minute, it was connected while the next second it became unconnected. I checked with the other users in the library about the matter. None could help me! How frustrating!

Alvin, my godson, came. I thought he would be able to rescue me from my frustration and annoyance! But not this time. He failed too. He said perhaps I had downloaded too many free games and among one of them, my laptop was infected by virus. I went mad and instantly I uninstalled all the downloaded games. Final result : same as before. The problem persisted. Furious, I packed up and went off.

Now, I hope everything is all right. I am keeping my fingers crossed as I write this post. Hope that today will be a better day!

How I wish I were IT literate! I can never learn – even try to remember all the jargons used! I just let it be : THE BEST IS YET TO BE AND THE WORST IS YET TO COME or THE WORSE IS YET TO BE WHILE THE BEST IS YET TO COME!


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