How do we help someone who is addicted to gambling?

I think it is an up-hill task if the person does not believe that he is addicted! Just like in any addiction, the individual must acknowledge that he is addicted and has decided to give up. This is the first step to take. Once this is achieved, the battle is on and victory is about 50% chance. The counselling session can begin…….

What are the causes that make people take risks and gamble away the hard-earned cash? The get-rich-instantly mentality, the thrill and excitement, peer pressure…..and a host of other causes.

” I don’t understand why someone wants to give up gambling, ” John asked me this morning. ” Didn’t you know that someone has become a millionaire because he was the lucky winner of the recent Toto draw? “he continued. ” We must be clever. Use a pen-knife to cut down a tree! He has done it and succeeded!”

My friend, John Tan, is an habitual gambler. But he is not addicted to it. He always uses the above quote (using a pen-knife…) which most gamblers give as an excuse for his habit.

Well, he is a sensible guy, but how many of us will be like him?


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