Many of us take inhaling and exhaling of breath for granted. We do not know the importance of inhaling deeply. This is the very first step to meditation. I am not a guru to teach meditation but I know the benefits of deep inhaling!

When we breathe in deeply, we are supply oxygen to all parts of our body. This is the very first step in giving the various parts oxygen as well as nutrients. When breathing deeply, we also become relax and calm. This is a balm to the day’s hard work and relieves us from all the worries and pain! We can be alert and awake when we breathe in deeply. It helps us to think better, quicker and clearer! Don’t take my words for it. Try it out yourself and you will feel the difference!

Breathing in slowly and breathing out slowly. This is also an exercise for our lungs. We exercise our heart, we must also exercise our lungs. This exercise helps to relax the pumping of the heart too as we inhale and exhale slowly!

When I go for my medical check up, the nurse will require to take some of my blood to do the necessary tests. The pricking of the needle to draw out blood is very painful indeed. The secret of lessening the pain is to breathe in deeply as the needle is pricking in. It always works like magic!

Well, now we know the importance of inhaling and exhaling deeply, why don’t we set aside 10 to 15 minutes a day just doing that. This is good therapy for relaxation! Let’s do it now! One….two…..three….Start…


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