Learning and studying is infinite. It is longer than life – unending!

One I was a child, I thought that mastering the simple 3Rs is enough for me. When I am studying them, they open new doors of knowledge and wisdom. There is no end to learning. The more things we learn, we will realize there are many more things we do not know. Knowledge is so vast and wide that no one and no brain can contain all of it! The more we learn, the more we do not know………

All of us are skimming through on the surface of knowledge. Even after enlightenment, the Buddha cannot answer all the questions of Mankind!

I have been asked at point-blank, ” We desire eternal life because we want to escape from the punishment in hell. Christ offers us an escape route. What do we daily do in heaven? Have you thought of that?”

I have; not once but many times. I really do not know the answer. I have not experienced it so I have only a very hazy idea about it! The scenario will be completely change. Our mind will be totally different. Perhaps there is no Time in heaven! What will be our existence like? I really do not know

The only problem here is I must go to heaven to experience it. Then I shall be able to tell you about it……..


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