I am very certain that many of us have this experience once in a while. When this happens, I am definitely sure that all of us will have our own unique way of dealing with the problem. Just the week before, five of my friends and I discussed our own special way of getting to sleep when we can’t fall asleep!

“I’ll start reading a story book till I doze off!” was John Tan’s opening remark. “It works for me!” he assured us.

“Ah, I can never fall asleep when I am reading a book. The more I read, the wider awake I am!” was Muthu’s reply. “I usually switch on the tv and set the automatic switch to one hour so that it will switch of the tv when I have fallen asleep. All of you know that I always fall asleep when I am watching tv!”

“That’s funny, isn’t it?” Ah Kow cut in. “I will switch on the fan and let it blow against my face so that I have to close my eyes. Soon I will fall asleep and the fan will be switched off automatically after thirty minutes.”

“Why don’t you have a very warm or hot shower. After the shower curl yourself up. In no time at all, I am sure you will be snoring like a pig!” Chee Kong advised. “What’s your method, Ah Beng?”

“Hah, I’ll go to the coffee shop to have a very concentrated and hot black coffee!” came the reply. “I’ll stay there to observe all the other owls to see what they are doing at this hour of the morning. Usually there is just a handful of them only. After sometime, I will feel bored. Then I go back home to bed. It  works most of the time! What’s yours?”

“I always try meditation every night after my prayer. I always fall asleep during my meditation!” I revealed my secret.

There are many varieties of methods we can choose from. Surely there will be one that will knock you off to sleep. So, don’t worry. Try some of my friends’ methods. If it doesn’t work for you, just let me know and I will bash their heads!


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