Just the other day,I overheard two seniors trading information on their own experiences in old age

“I didn’t know nor realize that I’m getting older nowadays! quipped Mr Ong, the 64-year-old taxi-driver. “Now, as the days go by, I seem to get all the routes mixed up. I really can’t recollect which is the shortest route to take when a passenger wants to go to destination B from A. The worst is I forget how to connect one route to another. When I was younger, I know any route from A to B. I could think fast and zoom… I’m on my way!”  he complained.

“I, too, have the same kind of problem. I need a longer time to think when I teach Mathematics to my tuition pupil. Sometimes, I just forget the correct formula and get them mixed up in Additional Mathematics, John Tan shared his experience.” We have to admit that we are getting old! We are not that quick and alert mentally as when we were younger!”

Indeed, these are only simple early symptoms of growing old. They have not experienced the aches and pains yet. Soon these will catch them up.

Someone concocted this theory why we are like this. This is his theory:

God create us in this  manner so that all of us get fed-up of growing old and feeble with all the aches and pain. Otherwise, all of us would want to remain forever on this earth. Who would want to leave this earth if he is enjoying himself when he is healthy, handsome and strong? So God allows Death to reap our mortal bodies when we are old and ugly, weak and feeble and with all the aches and pains! If none of us dies at all, then the world will be very much over-populated. There will not be any trees left as all land is used by Man!

But, then the problem will goad our scientists to go and build homes in the stars and other galaxies. There will be enough space out there! Shall we go on to imagine and picture what life will be like in the year 5000? Dream on…


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