“How does one solve a riddle?” John Tan suddenly asked the group out of the blue!

“There is no hard and fast rule at all. Just read the riddle which may have encapsuled the answer in it,” Chee Kong
volunteered to answer him. “Use our minds to think deeply before giving the answer. There is always a leading thought to stumble us and lead us astray.”

“Sometimes, there are more likely answers to the riddle. If there are, then we have to select and choose the appropriate answer,” Ah Beng offered his opinion when Chee Kong stopped talking.

“Does solving riddles make us wise?” John Tan started his second question.

“I will compare solving a riddle like solving a murder. The habit of solving riddles makes us alert and sharpens our thought processes!” Justin remarked.

These are what my small group of friends said. You can think about what they have said.

Well, today I have 8 riddles for you to chew upon. Do not use short-cut method just by looking at the answers provided at the end. Just relax, think and enjoy the moment as you ponder……….

1. What does the right leg ask the left leg?

2. Why do we put butter on the bread but not on our fingers?

3. Where does nature store all her colours?

4. Where and when will a ship become alive just like an animal?

5. Where do misers keep all their money as they do not trust anyone at all?

6. Why do we see many stray cats and dogs during the monsoon season?

7. What reason did the motorist give to the traffic police after he was caught speeding?

8. What does the waitress serve on a plate after you have eaten your meal?


1. “Why must you move off first?”

2. We do not want to have butter fingers!

3. In a rainbow.

4. In the desert. The camel is the ship of the desert!

5. Misers keep all their money in their belly!

6. It rains cats and dogs during the monsoon season!

7. “I just want to find out how fast you can go,” he told the police officer.

8. Your bill.


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