I am very sorry and sad to read the news that a young boy had committed suicide because he could not meet the expectation imposed by the mother in his end of the year examination! What a wastage of life!

Many parents and adults do not fully understand the make-up of a child. Which child would not want to score 100% and pass every subject in school to please his/her parents? Every one of us would try hard but can every one of us attain that? Impossible! So, we have to be realistic. Know your child’s potential and capacity! Don’t keep on lashing a dead horse! Accept the child as he is. Doing well in examinations is not all that important in life!

When a child did badly in an examination, the adult or parent should teach the child how to overcome this setback. He needs understanding, comfort and sympathy! He is sad enough when he cannot attain good results to please his parents and on top of that, he has to bear the consequences of being punished. To the adult or parent, it is just a deterrent so that the child will remember and work harder next time but sometimes it can be more harmful than that. The young mind is too overwhelmed with failures and punishment. So as a last resort, he thinks of suicide! To him, his world has ended in failure! Nobody understands him. No shoulders to cry on and no one loves him because he is a failure! Then, he takes the plunge and ends it all!

It needs time and patience to know and understand your child. When you know that your child is unable to perform to your expectation, try to find out the reason. If you know that your child is under performed, teach him and help him. I know, we adults just expect the child to do well in any case even without our help or concern because we are too busy with our own work. Teach your child how to accept failures and use it as an encouragement to do better next time!

Well, I am not an expert but this is what I feel. I just hope that all parents will learn a good lesson from this episode and try not to put too much pressure on your children. Instead, understand them, know their potential and capabilities in their studies, comfort and encourage them when they fail to perform to expectation.


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