A spider was busily spinning a web,
A fly was watching him nearby;
“What an artistic web you’re weaving!”
Innocently, he complimented the spider.
“Oh, I’m making a present for you!”
Replied the cunning spider.
“How do you want the web to look like?”
Ask the spider.
“I can create one to your satisfaction!”
“Ah, you are most generous and kind.
But I have no use of such a one!
It’s a tempting snare as a gift,
I cannot accept it without losing my life!”
“You’re too suspicious and unkind,
My offer is genuine and sincere,
A simple thank you will be fine,
And I’ll be happy and satisfied!”
“This web is my death-bed,
Once I get entangled, I’ll never be freed!
Thank you for your kind thoughts,
Hiding a knife behind such a gift!”
The wise fly quickly flew away,
The spider continued to spin his web!


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