All gods are but ONE God,
All names though different are but ONE,
Human minds try to contain God,
In temples, mosques, churches and synagogues,
God resides in all places,
Natural and not man-made!
God does not belong to any religion,
Creed, race or nation,
God has no particular form,
Not in statues of stone, marble, jade or gold!
All these are Man’s creations,
Trying to fathom God and restrict Him to one identity!
All who follow any Religion religiously,
See only the reflection of the God they worship,
As they go through the rituals and forms;
Worshipping God comes from the heart within,
Without any obstruction when our hearts are in tune,
God welcomes and receives all who come to worship Him,
With contrite hearts and without malice,
Worship Him with no hidden agenda,
For every need is provided,
Every problem is solved,
Every sickness is healed,
Let us worship Him here and now!


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