What is water and what is Tao :
A solid, a liquid or just thin air?
It can be a three-in-one or a one-in three;
A hard solid, a crystal clear liquid,
Or just unseen particles in the air;
Yet aquatic creatures choose it as their habitat!
The existence of water is the Way,
Nowhere to be seen yet everywhere
On land, in water and in the air,
Man seeks after it to live within!
What is beauty when it becomes ugly?
What is bad when it becomes good?
What is health when it yields to illness?
What is wealth when poverty strikes?
What is life when it ends in death?
Duality of things and events occurs:
Each is at different poles,
Both are one!
Know its nature when it comes;
Reality becomes unreal,
Obscurity becomes clarity,
A lost can be a gain,
Enter the gate without a gate;
The unseen becomes visible!
The Way of Tao is crystal clear:
To him who lives in water!


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