Once Life begins, it never dies;
It continues from one stage to the other:
The caterpillar is but a young butterfly,
The tadpole, a baby frog,
A young mosquito is but a wriggler:
The end of one stage is the beginning of another;
The young has vitality and strength,
The old has experience and wisdom;
The young is rash and impatient,
The old is cautious with patience;
Both have their uses,
Depending on the stage and nature of things!
The long and the short,
The horse and the mouse,
Both function naturally,
According to their character,
Youth and the elderly,
Are stages of growth;
The changes are gradual,
Regulated by Time’s natural law,
Don’t feed grass to lions and eagles,
Neither give meat to deer and rabbits,
They will die from starvation and malnutrition,
When it is not according to the laws of nature!
One’s life does not end in Death,
But will be resurrected to the next stage;
Like the caterpillars and butterflies,
Tadpoles and frogs,
Wrigglers and mosquitoes!




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