The eight winds create,
Opposite poles of illusions;
Cling not to any of them,
Nor lust after each in the horizon,
All are temporal delusions!
GAIN – Material wealth or knowledge,
Creating joy and thirst for more;
LOSS – Depleting one’s resources,
Creating depression and sadness;
PRAISE – Extols one to greater heights,
Adding prejudice and pride;
CENSURE – Reprimanding and condemnation,
Creating low self-esteem;
FAME – Popularity and power,
Creating conceit and selfishness;
DEMOTION – Loss of face and public humiliation,
Excruciating pain piercing body and soul;
BITTERNESS – Root of all evils,
Creating vengeance and revenge;
PLEASURE – Fulfillment of one’s desire,
Creating insatiable lust!

Let each wind strongly blow,
Remain resolutely stable and unmoved,
It will come and it will go,
No one can grasp the wind!


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