The life-span of a mayfly just lasts a day;
Within this limited short span it grows and dies,
Passing through all the stages of life cycle!
It is not the number of years that we yearn to live,
But the quality of living this life;
Is the most profound!
Three-quarters of our life is spent in idle gossiping,
Lamenting and satisfying our insatiable needs;
Instead of living life in happiness,
We chase after the rainbow in the sky!
Contentment is sufficiency in provision,
Health, food, clothing and shelter,
When these needs are met,
Nothing else matters!
Health enables us to accomplish our daily chores,
Food to fill our hunger pangs,
Clothing to keep us from nakedness and the cold,
And shelter for protection and rest!
Then we should spend our time in happy leisurely pursuits,
Instead of craving for more and more to clutter our store;
Can we bring these along when we vacate this mortal cage,
To be reborn into the Pure Land,
To arrive in Western Paradise,
To live in eternal bliss?


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