It is the second attack after a fortnight,
An old man is seen loitering to and fro,
Looking here, there and everywhere!
He cannot remember who he is,
Nor recognizes his surroundings!
He walks aimlessly but fearfully,
Round and around in the neighbourhood;
He digs into his pocket,
A bulging leather object,
He looks at some cards inside,
He sees a small photograph which looks like him;
He reads a few words and numbers,
They don’t seem to ring a bell!
Out of the blue,
A young man calls out, “Dad!”
“Why are you still here and not at home?”
He turns around but doesn’t know who the stranger is!
Silence for a moment before he opens his mouth;
All of a sudden the voice connects,
His memory instantaneously returns,
He heaves a sigh of relief,
Realizing what has happened!
It’s the beginning of amnesia,
Which many elderly have fallen prey!
Quickly he grabs his son’s hand,
Embraces him thankfully,
And walks quietly home!


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