We can never be happy,
When we are dissatisfied;
As we compare what our neighbours have,
And what we lack!
Lacking breeds jealousy,
Envy gnaws our dissatisfied mind,
We will never be at peace and on par,
When we want to keep up with our Joneses!
Our craving mind demands more and more,
Till we work our guts out,
Trying to fill up a bottomless pit!
Eradicate this craving mind,
Contentment will cut off its cancerous growth,
Enough and sufficiency will set in,
And form the base of the pit;
Slowly things will change and appear in a new light,
And we will have calm and peace within!
Unlock the door of contentment,
And spread it on all that we have,
This is the secret key,
Which unlocks the door of true happiness!


2 thoughts on “TRUE HAPPINESS!

  1. dear Lum, cant contact u in china…no gmail, no google then I thought why not your wordpress!!
    hope ur well.
    everything is ok but my heart is not at peace still.
    life is what u have written so eloquently in ur post.
    it actually echoes similar thought is ur 2012 post on Awakening Call…click
    but whatever happens, we will overcome.
    life is perspective, rather than reality.
    hope you are well.
    if u need to reach me, please email me at
    hope to hear from u soon.


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