MERRY – GO – ROUND 1 & 2

We are on a merry-go-round,
When our senses excite our mind;
The mind creates desire,
The desire transforms into action,
The action leads to cravings,
The cravings become lusts,
Lusts need fulfillment ,
Fulfillment blossoms into attachment,
Attachment dominates our every action,
In a merry-go-round:
A dog chasing its tail,
Leading to eternal damnation!

Tao points to the escaping route,
To cease all attachments and cravings;
Contentment negates all our desires,
Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch,
Will not excite the mind;
Once the monkey mind is dulled and silenced,
Desire ceases,
Craving subsides,
Lust vanquishes
Fulfillment evaporates,
Attachment vanishes;
Tao is the Way,
To stop the wheel from spinning!


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