We can see the world in a grain of sand,
And the ocean in a tiny drop of water;
The sky is but one vast canopy of emptiness,
Yet it can contain everything orderly in its space;
Unlike the emptiness of a bowl when full will overflow,
The capacity of the sky is infinite!
Just like all the waters in the oceans cannot fill up a sock!
Muddy waters can become crystal clear,
When it remains still and undisturbed;
The turbulence in our lives will cease,
When we remain motionless and still!
Blessed is he who comprehends the secrets of Tao,
He will emerge unhurt in the blazing furnace!
The Way of Tao is a gateless gate,
Whoever enters must first empty himself,
The Infinite Tao will fill up every space within,
Cutting off all illusions!

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