I do not know that there are many people who think and believe that “All religions lead to heaven”.

I met a man the other day who says that “Religion is the ticket to the after life!” Because of that statement, many of my cosmopolitan friends started to argue. As a matter of fact, we allow each of us fifteen minutes to say our piece. It was a very good exercise as each of us could listen to one another’s belief. Finally, we reach a consensus. It is up to the individual to choose what he thinks is correct. There is no compulsion on any one’s part. 

Each of us is a tourist on this earth. What or where do we go after death? So most if not all of us buy a ticket with an insurance that we will arrive at the destination as it promises. Will all of us meet each other or see one another after death? No one can tell and it remains to be seen…….!


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