I begin the year of the Rooster by falling very sick! Is it a bad year? Until today, I have not recovered fully. I did not join the family twice in the reunion dinner (2 days). This is the first time, I missed meeting the whole family!

I slept throughout the day and night; only to wake up to ease myself. I felt hungry but did not have any appetite when the food was placed in front of me! I had been sleeping for so many hours that all my bones ached terribly. I even had difficulty of raising my hands! What an experience! I thought that I would meet my Maker but unfortunately, it was still not my time yet!

Well, the last few days of existence were like a dream. Between waking and sleeping, my dreams were varied! Unfortunately, I do not even have the slightest idea of what I was dreaming. I perspired greatly, felt very cold again and fell back to slumber-land……

I am still hazy not knowing what to write. The last post, WHY WE PAINT.., was written some time ago and I just posted it yesterday. I could not find my other poems. Otherwise, I will post one of them today. Well, till I am well again and till we meet again, Have a jolly good time in the year of the Rooster!


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